May 1, 2010

The story continues

Okay, so, where'd we leave off again?
Ah yes, our heroes were attempting to pontificate the ramifications of various avenues of action in regards to the collection methods of their fairy friends.

"Well, we could kill all the fairies...  but, that'd be bad."
"And hard."
"(Right, and hard.)"
"What if we just shook 'em a lot and placed them over the bag of holding?  (We'd have to push some of the weapons and crap out of the way, granted)"
"Nnnnoooo... Not only would that not work, but, probably also be something of an affront to our current friendship..."
"Yeah, right... that...(lousy ethics)"
"Well, anybody have a dust pan?"
"I dooon't think that'll work.  Plus, I'm pretty sure we needed the FAIRIES, not the dust."
"Yeah, you're right.  (grind 'em up into powder?)"
"Distribution channels?"
"Possible... but... complicated..."
"Good thought, though."
"Yeah, creative."

"You biggies is confusings with the talkies!  Too much talkies, more plays!"
How could you best encourage a blogger to blog?

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