Remzik, Human Rogue

Remzik was raised on a farm on the outskirts of the city of Kludgin. His mother created salves, poultices and potions learned from old family recipes and his father would tend to the farm and sell their goods in the city. Remzik quickly grew bored of the quiet farm lifestyle and yearned for the excitement of city life. He would often join his father on his trips to the city, but eventually he convinced his father to let him sell the goods in his stead. On his own, Remzik found he was able to easily turn a higher profit without his modest father by his side. His parents were pleased with the increased revenue but they expressed concern that he was increasing profit with dubious business practices. From then on, rather than report the increased earnings, he decided to have some fun exploring the city and consider it his cut.

Over time, the fame of the herbalist family grew along with Remzik’s familiarity of the bars and slums of the city. Eventually this fame drew some unwelcome business. Remzik returned home one evening to find his parents in uncomfortable negotiations with slavers. They were demanding that the herbalists provide paralysis and sleeping poisons at a criminal discount and stormed out when Remzik arrived. His parents had refused to provide anything that could be used to harm or enslave people but had “donated” a large portion of their goods. They were given an ultimatum that they could either provide these supplies in exchange for protection or provide them as slaves.

Remzik was furious, and used his new connections in the city to find protection for his family. Using his secret profits selflessly this time Remzik hired a few mercenaries to protect the farm. Remzik continued to sell goods to pay for the mercenaries, but one evening as he was returning home he saw a plume of smoke and a hellish glow emanating from the direction of the farm. To his horror his worst fears were confirmed: The farm had been incinerated with his parents inside.

Stricken with grief but thirsty for vengeance, Remzik sought shelter in the city and began to put the pieces back together. The mercenaries had been paid off by the slavers and had left his parents defenceless. The mercenaries had fled and covered their tracks, but he was able to track down and catch up with the slavers. As he was observing their camp and planning his attack, a fearless (or foolish) young Paladin charged the camp single-handed. Knowing he would never have a better opportunity, Remzik joined the stranger to fight against the slavers.: How could you best encourage a blogger to blog?

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