May 8, 2010

The Armored Snow Suit

The group worked together to skin the huge monstrous creature, and smoked the skin so as to avoid any rotting smell.

The group had returned to its jovial nature, and Tribby paraded around with her arms sticking out of various orifices of the dead creature.  "Lookit me!  I'm in an armored snow suit!" she laughed.

The group needed some laughter after the fearful encounter, though Manbearbig silently took offense to the disrespect being shown to the dead, and did a silent prayer.

After a while, the group realized that they were heavily burdened by their wares.  The creature's skin weighed 250lbs, and, there was still the ridiculous amount of leather armors, morning stars, scrap metal, and other random bits of crap they'd picked up along the way.

Poor gluestick was looking very much like the horseshoes he wore, and was in dire need of being relieved.

Tribby hoisted the skin and, as a group, they decided it would be best to head back to Roe, where they could unburden, sell what they did not need, and perhaps re-equip with even mightier, and hopefully lighter wares.

Taking the same route that they took, they remarked at the decaying goblins, having been picked fairly clean by the circle of life, and eventually came to an unfamiliar clearing of trees.

It seemed that, in their absence, Roe had been completely taken over by Ogres and Bugbears, who had banded together and killed the Orcs, halflings, and humans.

Shitanya smacked her forehead "d'oh!  I knew I forgot to do something!"

The party looked at her sideways and waited.  "uh...  eeEEeaaugh?"

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