Mar 11, 2012

D&D Character Background: Adrastea

Adrastea Half Elf Ranger

Adrastea (name meaning: she who does not flee, the inescapable one) hails from the mountains, where she grew up with her human mother Shela, and twin brother Aetsarda in a small alpine village called Skrag. Her elven father left on a hunt one day when she was 7 years old, never to return. As a half-elf, she never felt truly accepted by her human community, and over time suspected her father must have felt the same before he disappeared. She longed to find her father, and explore the wilderness as a huntress, mastering the art of archery. Instead, she was expected to help her family with their small root vegetable farm. She was envious of her older cousin Brennar, who was training as a hunter, and Adrastea didn't understand why a woman couldn't learn these skills in her village.

By the time she was 17, she'd had enough of root vegetables and would sneak away whenever she could to follow hunters into the woods, moving quietly at a distance and watching their every move, wishing she could be running with them. She would try to convinced her brother to join her from time to time and break free of the boring life of farming, but Aetsarda was too occupied with finding the next skirt to lift around town.

Of course, one day she was discovered by her cousin, but she managed to bribe him to teach her how to use his bow and arrow in exchange for washing and mending his hunting gear. He was simple like that.

It didn't take long for Adrastea to become very proficient in archery. She had a talent for precise and deadly shots. The years of farm work had given her high endurance and attention to detail. She further convinced Brennar to train her with a blade for self defence. At this point he didn't need much convincing, as he recognized Adrastea's talent.. but was perhaps becoming a little jealous.

Adrastea's mother, Shela, found out that Brennar was training Adrastea after following her daughter one afternoon when she finally saw her leaving the farm after weeks of being unable to locate her (Adrastea was very stealthy.) Shela cornered Brennar later that day and threatened to spread rumours that him and Adrastea were having an incestuous love affair, if he did not frighten Adrastea into stopping her training and force her to return to working for her mother. Brennar was weak-willed and did as he was told.

Adrastea's last day in Skrag was unpleasant to say the least. She snuck away as usual near the end of her shift at the farm to go out for her first real hunt with Brennar. She had a small pack with basic survival items, a blade, and the long bow she'd made herself with a small quiver of arrows. Brennar lead her deep into the woods and made his move. What began as an arguement with Brennar trying to tell Adrastea what her mother had told him lead to Brennar doing what he knew best - physical force. Adrastea's instincts kicked in and before she knew it she'd stabbed Brennar in the stomach while he was attempting to pin her to the ground. He rolled over and died slowly as she watched in terror. She could never return home. Just as her father did years ago, she went out into the wilderness, never to see Skrag again. She saw it as an opportunity, but she had a long path ahead of her. She stripped Brennar of his belongings, covered him with some dead brush and hoped the wolves would find him soon.

This was the beginning of her life as a ranger and adventurer. By now she had just turned 21 years old, and had managed to train in secret for about 3 years.

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