May 30, 2010

Travel Size Tribby

Tribby dangled from the impressive, able-to-hoist-over-600lbs snare, much of her loose change falling to the ground.  "Woooah!" She yelled, this being her only dialogue contribution in a long time (almost as if her player had been suspiciously absent for this session)

Suddenly, a fairy none of the group recognized flew into view, let out an evil cackle, and shot Tribby with a magic arrow which had two effects.  One, was that it put her immediately to sleep, the other, was that she was shrunk to the size of a Chihuahua.  

Jay El squinted up at the plot device and attempted a spell.  It missed, and the fairy flew away.

"Well." Shitanya said, looking down at the lil' Tribby and putting it into Gluestick's saddlebags.  "At least she's portable."

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