May 16, 2010

Gah! Bugs!

The group trotted through the large safe-zone, which, they surmised, had been made safe by the fact that the Bulette they'd killed last time had eaten everything else.

"What could possibly go wrong, now that we've killed the thing that was killing everything else, right?" They laughed, the sounds of the wilderness around them.

A huge segmented insect with slender legs, each ending in a sharp claw, emerged from the ground in a burst of rock and dirt. A tough chitinous brown shell covering its entire body; its glistening black eyes staring out from above powerful mandibles.

"Oh dang it." They said.

Two more burst up around them, flanking them and cutting off the means of any escape.

"Oh come on!" They complained.

Tribby reared up her club and smashed  the bug to the ground.  It shook its head and screamed, clearly having underestimated its prey, and sprayed a slick line of acid at her, dissolving her shirt, but otherwise doing very little to the Ogre.

Jay El smiled, and blessed the group.  Things would go in their favor - he could feel it.

Ash launched himself at it, and came down with a piercing lunge, neatly shishkabobing the would-be terror, while Shitanya remembered she had a breath weapon.  "ssssssSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!" she bellowed, enveloping one of the bugs in a cone of absolute zero, freezing it solid.

The last remaining bug, if it had had any brains, would've bugged out, but, it decided to attack Manbearpig instead, and was quickly liquefied by the group.

"Whew.  That wasn't so bad." they laughed.  "Should we grab one of those acid sacks?"

They decided that the acid might burn their bag of holding, or them, when they tried to remove it, and carried on without searching for treasure.

"oooh, we're off to see the Ogre... the smelly ogre of Roe - okay, he's not really from Roe, but that was the right number of syllables...
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