May 14, 2010

Well hell, what do we do now?

The group paused, and, after getting a basic description of all the goings-on, and making sure that Skuzz knew nothing important (except the existence of secret tunnels in and out of Roe, which were too small for the characters to use, and the various secrets of the gems he'd eluded to knowing about previous) and clearly could not contribute anything to the group (except for his backpack of magic paraphernalia he'd taken from Gustoff's shop, and his own supply before leaving the town) and they all parted ways.

"Sniff, I'm gonna miss that lil' rat." came Tribby's unanticipated emotional response.

"Ah, don't worry." came Jay El's reply, as he inserted the shard into his chest.  "My pointer thingie is pointing in the direction he just went.  Maybe we'll meet again some day soon."

"Maybe." She sighed, plotvelopmentally.

"Now then!  Let's head back to the fairies' village!" Ash prompted.  "We can leave all our shit there!"

"Yeah, I guess we could, couldn't we?"

"Sure!  They're like 4 year olds - what are they going to do with any of our stuff?"

"Good point.  Alrighty.  Off to the fairies!" they jovially trotted.  Jay El most jovially of all.  "I like fairies" he smiled.

How could you best encourage a blogger to blog?

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