May 11, 2010

Tribby gets raped (again)

As neither the guards, nor Tribby, understand each other - for the purposes of this capture, both will be speaking in gibberish.

The naked Ogress, trundled up to the nearest guard tower, and called out "Boooogarh!  Floogie floogie?"

The two guards looked down, and made some comments "blooga blooga ka wanga mookie?"

Tribby smiled, and replied "tinka tinka walla binka!"

The guards elbowed each other, and one decided to head down.  And put the moves on the naked lady (though, in his experience, naked Ogre women rarely needed coercion into sex) "Wunga... wunga?" he smiled.

She decided to illustrate her desires, and began pulling on first her breasts, then, his shirt.

The Ogre needed no more encouragement, and began disrobing.

"Wunga!  Wooonga!" She yelled.

He nodded, off-handedly, "gunka gunka, walla wunka" he muttered, taking off his pants.

"woola boola!" She exclaimed

He nodded and smiled, he'd had that reaction many times before.  "woolah." He grinned, and advanced on her.  She pushed him away, he advanced, she pushed him away, he advanced.  He'd had experiences like this, before, too - and knew what to do.

"burly a nogga ficha eh?" he smiled and grappled her to the ground.

She escaped, and thought to herself "escape the rapist, or snag a free shirt..." she bent over and picked up his shirt.  He grappled her to the ground again.  "Bad call." she thought to herself.

The Ogre woman squirmed and wiggled and failed to remove the Ogre from between her legs a second time.

"WUNGA!" came his triumphant cry as he entered her.  The guard up in the tower applauded.  It would be his turn next.

Tribby grunted, and successfully disentangled the fellow.  "Well, at least THIS time he didn't finish..." she rationalized, clearly having been raped one time too many.

"So you're saying elves created prostitution?" Jay El replied to Ash, as they hung out in the trees.

How could you best encourage a blogger to blog?

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  1. who could have seen this coming hahaa


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