May 12, 2010

Guys? Getting raped over here... hello?

"Yeah, think about it - they say its the world's oldest profession, right?" Ash extrapolated.

"Oh, I see where you're going with this." Jay El replied.

"Right, see, Elves are the oldest civilization, which means that, unless they were all unemployed for a few thousand years..."

"Right!  By a process of elimination, Elves created prostitution."


"Man, I could sure go for some Elven prostitutes right about now."

"Aren't you married?"


"Dude, you have a daughter and everything!"

"Yeah, I know... but like, I'm like 90% in love with her, y'know?"

"Your daughter?"

"No, I mean, I'm just... all this time on the road, and everything - I just remember being 100% totally in love with my wife, and being completely passionate about returning home and saving the day and all that."

"Yeah?  So what happened?"

"I dunno man, I just... hanging out with those Fairies, I kinda had the thought that... I could just hang out there, y'know?  I mean, those fairies are really cool.  They kind of remind me of kids in general.  Maybe we could just hang out there and skip the whole save the world, thing.  What do you think?"

"Man, I just wanna kill stuff.  Fairies are gay."

"Well, fair enough.  It was a thought, anyway.  Hey, is Tribby getting raped?"

"No, she's okay - she got up."

"Oh.  Okay."


"So you'd really want to just live with the fairies?"

How could you best encourage a blogger to blog?

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  1. I know typing hahahaha as each comment is lame but hahahahaha!!!


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