May 17, 2010

The direct approach

The whistling, happy troupe paused.  Tribby had spotted some traps.  In fact, she easily spotted the snare trap, and threw a rock at it, setting it off.

"That wasn't so bad." they laughed, and Tribby decided to smash the floor with her club for the remaining half mile of travel, setting off several more similar traps along the way.

They came to a clearing, and saw a large lake - thereupon centrally rested a large, clearly renovated houseboat.  Presumably, this was Poonose's humble abode.

Stealthily, they approached - taking the time to circumnavigate the lake, noting that Poonose's(?) boat was docked at the houseboat, in the middle of the lake.

"Well, we could light the house on fire, then swim down and collect the gems." Offered Ash.

"Wait, weren't we going to talk to this guy, and buy drugs for the kids?"

"Pfft, nah, I say we waste him."

"Okay... well, that seems like a good idea, now that you've put it so eloquently.  But how do we know he's home?"

"The boat?"

"The boat's a good point.  Okay, let's send in my bird.  I'll charge it up with shocking grasp, and when he gets hit by the bird, it'll zap him, and that'll piss him off!"

"How is that good?"

"Okay, so the plan needs work."

"What if I kill the boat?" Ash prompted.

"What?" Jay El replied.

"I could totally kill the boat.  You charge me up with some super spell, I launch through the air... I think I could kill the whole houseboat with one hit."

"That's silly."

"No, really, here look!" Ash borrowed Manbearpig's stick without asking, and began drawing physics equations in the dirt.  "See?  My mass would be increased by the giant growth, and..."

Meanwhile, Tribby explored some more, doing some observations.  There didn't appear to be anything overtly hostile in the water; at least, nothing that she could see.

"yeah, but wouldn't your spear crack under the impact?  Or your shoulders explode from the sheer force of doing that?"

There also seemed to be an Ogre-sized hole - clearly this was Poonose's lair.  The multiple approach vectors that this indicated could be tactically taken advantage of through a series of well placed spells of which she could easily...

"No, you see, this spell would increase my strength so dramatically, that I could hold on just as easily as I hold on the rest of the time.  But, you're right about the spear... it would probably shatter under the impact - still, pretty cool concept, killing a house..."

Tribby sighed.  "HEY!  POONOSE!"
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