May 9, 2010

No, we're not using mist this time

The group decided to think about their strategy.

"Okay, so, learning from our experience with the Orcs..."
"Right, no mist and listening for gems."
"Okay, glad we all agree on that.  So, let's start off by climbing a tree and looking at them."
"Good call."
Tribby's huge bulk made the tree sway a little, but, well, it seemed to work out okay.

Hours went by.

"Or, we could send Tribby in with all of our stuff and she could sell it."
"Right right... but...  who here actually TRUSTS Tribby?"
(Shitanya half-raises her hand, looks around and slowly lowers it)
"Right.  So, no, we're not gonna be doing that."
"Okay, what if we send Tribby in to just see if they'll trade with us?"

The group discussed various methods of doing that, including, but not limited to, using giant growth on her in an effort to allow her to please multiple Ogres with her gigantic vagina.

The summary of the plan was that the naked, non-Ogre-speaking-Ogre was going to negotiate with the other Ogres who were, for the majority, soldiers who had been away from their women for some time now.  While they opted not to use mist (which, really, would have made it the perfect plan) it was still an awesome plan.  But, thinking ahead about how likely it was to turn out horribly wrong, Jay El buffed up the naked female non-Ogre-speaking-Ogre negotiator with some spells.

"That aughta work." they nodded in agreement, staying in their safe tree haven  "Have fun!" they offered as encouragement.

How could you best encourage a blogger to blog?

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