May 21, 2010

Yay Gems & XP

The group debated on how to get everyone, including Shitanya's unconcious form, and the nervous Gluestick onto the boat, and into the houseboat.  (Gluestick couldn't fit)

Taking their time, they ransacked the dead Ogre's quaint cottage.

They found, and threw into the water some basic survivalist tools, a few humble Ogre-attempts at art, and a rather decent (for an Ogre) drawing of what they could only assume was someone he had once cared about.  In addition, they discarded 1 Large club, and 15 animal skins.

They decided to keep:
  • The big sack of smokeweed
  • The Small chest of gems

    • 10gp (7 blue quartz, 1 azurite, 2 malachite)
    • 50gp (2 citrine, 3 clear quartz, 1 rose quartz)
    • 100gp (2 amethyst)
    • 500gp (3 yellow topaz)
    • 1000gp (blue sapphire)
    [3100gp worth of gems]
  • The Big chest of misc coins ($1,763 gp, 26,421 s, 32 c)
Which they split up evenly - giving the extra copper piece to Tribby. xp 6000 (to all)

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