May 15, 2010

Hey, mind if we leave some of our shit here?

"Hey, we're just gonna dump some of our crap here.  Hope you don't mind." Ash said, rhetorically, dumping out his bag of holding's contents.

The huge pile of bloody morning stars, bloody bits of broken armor, sacks of poison, scrap metal, broken class, drano, and other fun things for the fairies to play with all spewed out.

Manbearpig smiled, and dumped Gluestick's pack's contents upon the ground as well.  "Yeah, this crap was really weighing us down.  Thanks again."

Tribby lifted the 250 lbs dead carcass' skin and threw it onto the heap.  "Whew, glad I'm not carrying THAT disgusting thing around anymore!  It looks right at home in this little fairy paradise.  Adds a nice touch of... what's the word... ah, crap."

The fairies looked at the pile, and frowned, but, being the nice lil' fellers they were, quickly forgave the group their minor indiscretion.  After all, they were going to pick up the pile of crap soon enough.

"So, how did it go with Poonose?"

"Poonose?" Jay El got jabbed in the ribs by Ash.  "Oh right!  Poonose!  Yeah... ummm we got lost.  Sorry."

Petal laughed at their folly.  Apparently the map he'd drawn for them wasn't quite simple enough.  "Okies, so, you go in a line... that way." she clarified.

"What the hell gender is Petal, anyway?" came Jay El's observation.  "Meh.  Whatevs."

NOW!  We go to Poonose!  They declared, and merrily trotted off.  (Gluestick the merriest of them all, being unencumbered except for Manbearpig's ass)

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