May 24, 2010

Fury 1

Shitanya paused in mid-stride and lurched to the side, barely avoiding the twitching, charred remains of one of the fairy children.  It gasped, in an attempt to warn them, though no sound came out.

Jay El quickly dashed to the small one's side, and healed it.  The fairy sighed and breathed deeply, its lungs clearing, and even its charred wings reforming.  "Th... thank you biggie." it gasped.  

"What happened here?" Jay El whispered gently.  Even for a fairy, this one was small, and it was clearly terrified.

The small fairy coughed and looked up at its noble protector, "the yappies came...  they killed my mommy, and took my sister and my friend billy and I think they might have eated some of the kids from greengrove and I got so scared I just started flying but then I gotted burnt and then I couldn't fly and I gots stepped on and then I was crawling to try and gets under something so nobodies would steps on me agains, but then I gots stepped on agains and agains, and then I gots kicked by one of the yappies and their doggie bits me and threw me over here and, and, I want my mom!  I want my MOM!" the poor, traumatized fairy sobbed uncontrollably.  

Jay El comforted the infant as best he could.  "I want you to run for now, okay?  Go find some friends.  We'll handle this."  Jay El stood and glared towards the black smoke, clenching an angry fist.  "We'll handle this."

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