Feb 28, 2011

XP & Map update

 Killing Stuff
  Chain Demon 500
  Hydra 3000
  Sharks 5

 Cool Stuff
    Megahaduken +100

    Timely blindness +100  
  Ash 3505
  Manbearpig 3505
  Med 3605
  Raelin 3605
  Tribby 3505

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Feb 27, 2011

HOW many d6 of cold damage!?

Tribby floated in the water for a moment, and then remembered to swim down.  After achieving this method of propulsion, she made her way to the orange box at the bottom of the incredibly frozen lake.

Oddly, it was cold.  So cold, in fact, that she was growing numb.

Tribby decided to wait to see if the feeling would go away.

It didn't.

Eventually, she opened the chest, got the key out which, she would find out shortly, would open up a rather important door with the word "BOSS" on it.

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DM's note:  Okay, this didn't exactly happen this way, but it makes me smile to exaggerate this one part.

Feb 25, 2011


Raelin peered over the pit, down at the ice below, and noted that, although very, very thick, the ice was not solid.  "I think there's undead sharks swimming below." he noted.  "And possibly some kind of piranha."

"Undead piranha"

"...yes." he sighed "undead piranha"

The group raised their collective hands to discuss strategy while Raelin shot a beam of heat through the 15 feet of ice, into the water below and methodically began depth charging the contents of the frozen lake below with fireballs.

"Well, what if we simply take 20 to thaw the ice?"
"What?  How does that even..."

Raelin sighed and shot ricocheting lightning into the depths below, and smiled as hundreds of undead piranha floated (for no real apparent reason, honestly - its not like they suddenly filled with air) to the surface.

"Can't we just take 20 on anything?  Like, that one time I took 20 on a search check.  Its like that, isn't it?"
"No... 20 doesn't just 'make things happen' it implies you're taking a very thorough, long approach to something, not altering reality..."
"Well then what are we 'taking'?"

Raelin noted that his approach was working and, using his noodle (or rather, his fireball) he detonated a spell with the center of the ice at the epicenter, neatly frying a shark, and making a 30' hole in the ice through which he could, upon a whim of which he was quite unlikely to have, jump into.

Noting that there was one more shark alive, he fried it.

"Tribby." he smiled, "go jump into the freezing water and grab the chest, will you?"

There was a splash and the yell of one of the more common battle cries of an early teen.


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Feb 24, 2011

Kame Hame Huh?

"How did you do that!?" Ash asked Raelin, who was still standing there as chunks of toasted Hydra fell all around him, vibrating his fist above his head like Bruce Lee after breaking someone's spine.

"eeeeAAAaaa...eh?  How'd I do what?" he said, putting away his vibrating palm of fury.

"The whole nuke-the-entire-hydra-with-one-blast, thing."

"Oh.  Well, the DM doesn't know how the rules apply to a hydra's multiple heads."


"Good enough for me.  Let's go back to the ice thing."

DM's Note:  Okay no, this conversation didn't happen, but, it will explain to you, the reader, how such an awesome beast could be felled so easily.

[Yay for n00b DMs!]

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Feb 23, 2011

Hydra Battle pt 3

Med blinded one head, lit afire another, and cleaved with a huge, flaming sword from the heavens down through the center mass of the creature.

Seeing the success an equipped character was having, the rest of the party followed suit.  Raelin was first in line.

"Pants and fire.  Pants and fire.  Oh how I love, pants and fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrre...."  Raelin grabbed the jewels of the creature tight in his fist "BALLS!" he yelled, erupting in an empowered conflagration of cacophonous carnage as though it were an entire fireworks display contained within a very small area, and the composer of the composition went "meh, just shoot 'em all at once"

The beast, understandably fell and died.

Everyone collected their gear, and, was reborn.

"YES." they all collectively said.  "Let's go kick that bloody Petal's ass."

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Feb 22, 2011

Hydra Battle pt 2

Twelve regenerative heads upon a very sturdy body, continued chomping and eating as the party cursed and moaned that they hadn't heard Ash's recommendation of retreat, and that really, they should be allowed to time travel as a result.

Ash shrugged, and joined the fray.  They would need his floppy springing and stabbing if they were to survive.

Med squinted, wondering if the beast was male or female, and noticed some sparkley gems upon the underbelly of the creature, reflected in the shiny obsidian floor.  Instantly, she knew that all of her gear and, indeed, very likely within the other gems, her party's gear, resided somehow within them.

"GEMS!  UNDERBELLY!  GEAR!" She yelled, and baywatch ran towards the creature's genitals.

Perhaps it was her heaving bosoms.  Perhaps it was that the Hydra was woefully unloved in this harsh dungeon where its only purpose had been to burst out of a wall dramatically.  Perhaps it was a bad dice roll.  But, it missed her entirely as she ran, slid under, grabbed her gem, and was suddenly renewed with full health, all her gear and, spells of her choosing prepared.

She smiled as she crackled with nearly forgotten abilities and energies.  "The gems are good."

Everyone huzzahed (and also sighed, as she was now clothed)
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Hydra Battle!

One would imagine that a beast so terrifying that Ash, the fearless springer and stabber of many would recommend a retreat, would, at the very least, make an impact on the rest of the group.

However, they weren't listening to Ash, or, felt that his opinion didn't matter.

Floppily, they nakedly charged the beast.  Some floppily attacked, others floppily cast some spells which required little to no spell components.

Ash sighed and watched them all floppily run to their doom.  "Hello?" he said again, "retreat?"

"what!?" they all yelled back, getting eaten by the hydra.  "Why didn't you say so earlier!?"

: Sorry for the long delay in posts, folks.  Things are back up and running now.  We might be putting this adventure on hold and starting up a new one, but, do not fear, for the n00bs will be there, in some form or another, regardless :)

Feb 2, 2011

Actually, no they didn't - but they really should have.

The group explored a huge, shiny obsidian room.  There seemed to be nothing inside the vast cavern.  There was a slight rumble, and then, abruptly, an entire wall exploded as a huge, twelve headed hydra burst into the room, roaring a challenge at the naked and barely armed party.

Ash grunted, sighed, grunted again questioningly, and then finally sighed.  "It is my professional opinion that we should retreat."

Everyone stared agog.

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Feb 1, 2011

Raelin's first step towards hellspawn.

Raelin examined the chains.  They seemed to be able to expand to nearly limitless length, were strong, and seemed to respond to his will!

"We can totally use these to get out of here." he smiled.  "Like spawn!"

The party did so.  (Ash just jumped)  And returned to the junction with the pit.

Raelin then used the chains so that the party could explore down into the pit below with the single undead (with the arrow in his left eye, now).

It was a huge, iced over lake, filled with undead sharks, and piranha.  At the bottom of the lake, seemed to be some form of chest.  "neat." they said, and moved on, using the chains to explore the uppermost left section of the cavern.

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