Apr 30, 2010

Manbearpig - The legacy

Manbearpig, named by the ancient order of druids, has always been at conflict with himself.  Having the loyalty of the man, the power of the bear, and the life outlook of the pig.

...or was it the other way around?

Anyhoo, as his druidic powers increased through well practiced social ostracism and strategic twig placement, Manbearpig's social relations began to wane.

Nobody really enjoyed his stories of twigs, nor particularly cared for his classes on twig placement.

Soon, Manbearpig lacked even the basic funds required to stay within the city limits, and gradually he moved from alleyways to tents to the forest.  There, he found he rather enjoyed living in the woodlands, eating the passing deer (much to the deer's chagrin, granted) and living at one with nature.  "Its all about balance" he was fond of telling the pine cones.

Every now and then, Jay El, his childhood companion would visit him in the forest, and they would make sweet, sweet lovely pies out of the bountiful forest's wares.  Their tender hands caressing the dough as their lips and tongues touched the berries to ensure they were the right sweetness...
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  1. (Just realized I should have made a "twig and berries" joke.)


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