May 4, 2010


Petal gently flies up and guides the misguided... that is to say, previously misguided - Petal has an excellent sense of direction - fairy towards the fairy equivalent of a bench, and laughs with the rather ridiculously badly acting Ogre.

"Hehe, he tinks youse is Poonose (giggle)"

"YEAH THAT WAS FUNNY!" Tribby attempted, now accessing her ancient just-a-boyfriend-scamming-her-for-sex-money-and-laundry-delivery's most secret of teachings, which was to yell when covering up the fact that you were just lying.  "WHOSE POO NOSE, BY THE WAY!?"

"Poo nose is friendzies with us!  He gives us smokeweed and funnyjam, he's a super nice biggie."

"YEAH!  HE SOUNDS AWESooome!" She said, attempting to lower her voice and failing at first.  "So, what sorts of gifts to you give him? (totally not going to steal from you)"

"Oh, we gives him shinythings, he likes the red ones the best!  Petal shows you!" Petal flies off, and comes back with a hefty-for-a-fairy bag of 10 bloodstones.  "You can gifts it to him!  Poonose would likes you, you're a poonose now too! (laughs) only with your bumblies on your chest instead of between the legs!"


"Yes, OH!" Petal suddenly stops and points "YOU could get a WHOLE BUNCH of smokeweed and funnyjam!  Poonose wants to gifts us all the time, but we has not much carry - YOU HAVE BIIIIG CARRY!  You're a biiiig biggie!" Petal explained, clearly getting very excited.

It occurred to the party members, who apparently were kind of creepily standing right next to Tribby the whole time but staring off into space, that the petals were similar to 4 year olds.  They gave without thought of repayment, they asked without thought of politeness or protocol.  In essence, they were both the most selfish, and the most giving of mindsets.  Their antics at the party last night had been similar to kids in a playground with a new toy - they'd gathered around each other and without thoughts of anything in particular, enjoyed themselves.

The party had grown to enjoy the antics of the fairies - like running a supercharged daycare or something similar, and they couldn't help but smile at the fairy's child-like request.

"Pfft, why the hell would we do that?" Ash replied.  "Why the hell are we even here!?  What is this all about?  Who the crap am I not killing and... and..."

The rest of the party explained the backstory to him briefly.  "Shard, rats, stones, Gustoff, fairies."

"Jesus, this is the most convoluted..." he rambled off.

Jay El had an interesting idea.  "Hey!  Wanna play a game!?*"

The fairy kids all got really excited, and flew around him... excitedly, and inquired as to the basic layout of the game, the rules, and ultimately, like 3 year olds, remembered very little, but nodded very enthusiastically and kept running away in mid-explanation.

"Its like a scavenger hunt!  You try to find, hold on, you try to find some moonstones, okay wait, moonstones are rocks tha, hold on a sec, that give off a moon-ish glow, and whoever finds the most, I'll sing them a song!" The fairies took off like crazy in every direction - some of them looked under Tribby's fur, others up into the trees, some flew straight up, some simply flew in circles, wondering what team they were on.  A percentage of them flew out into the forest, looking for items.

After a while, some returned, triumphant with a boot, and a sparkly fishing hook.  Others had decided to play another game involving leaves and sticks, others still cried briefly about the teams being unbalanced, despite there never having had been teams assigned, and other still had braided Tribby's naughtybit-coverings.

Jay El looked back to Petal - "So, about Poonose, you want us to head out and grab you some smokeweed then?" And took the bag of 10 bloodstones.

*Actually, this kind of happened before the party, but I forgot so wrote it in here

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