May 23, 2010

Thanks Mr. Deer

Jay El's dreams of gumdrops and demons were suddenly interrupted, as Abatu faded into view.

"JL If only I could have warned you sooner - if I were stronger I would have been able to warn you in time." He looked away, seeming to be somewhat ashamed of this.  "The faries are in danger.  I fear that you will not be able to save them without my help.  Go now.  When you have need of me, speak the name Abatu to summon me."  He looked out into the ether and back to Jay El.  "You must hurry."

Jay El awoke with a start.  How long had he been asleep?  He glanced over at Shitanya, still in mid-expletive, and found no way to tell how long it had been.  It was difficult to tell the shades of night in the forest, but, if he had to guess, it was close to dawn.

"The fairies are in danger!" He yelled, gaining the attention of the group.

"How do YOU know?" Ash-face sneered, sharpening his spear while looking at Shitanya suggestively.

"Look, I had one of those dreams, okay?  I just know.  I'm a damn cleric!  We see stuff like this!"

"Yeah, yeah.  Alright." He sighed, as the rest of the party began casting spells of an accelerative nature.

Jay El took to the skies, loving his first taste of flight.  The rest, longstridered or simply horsed ran like the wind towards the fairy village, hoping that they were not too late.

As they neared the village, their spells beginning to wane, they noticed a great deal of deer, and other wildlife running towards them.  Jay El piped up "What's happening?"

A deer looked at him, but said nothing.

Because it was a deer.

One of them decided to throw him a bone, and looked behind himself, suggestively, giving a nod to the large amount of black, billowing smoke in the distance.  The other animals shook their heads and frowned at the deer for breaking the fourth wall of nature.

As they neared the fiery village, the group began to make out numerous distinctly kobolty, barking sounds, and the screams of children.

The party sprinted.  Hoping they were not too late.

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