May 13, 2010

Thank goodness we saved you

Tribby managed to escape the swearing, highly confused ogre and even managed to light his sack on fire.

This accelerated things to a sliiiiightly more violent level.  In fact, Shitsmear was pissed.  "God damn ogre women and their fucking drama" he thought to himself.  "I'm going to teach that bitch a lesson!" he grabbed his weapons, and headed after her.  The bitch had stolen his shirt and fried his nuts!

Craptastic, seeing that the situation had elevated, decided to fire off a bolt at the now-only-semi-naked thief as his fellow guardsman flopped after her, (but missed horribly).

Tribby, weighed down by her backpack of rotting corpse (the rhino sized creature she'd killed previously) was slowly being overtaken by the considerably less encumbered, rather miffed ogre.

Manbearpig shot Tribby in the leg.  "Sorry!  My bad!" came his apology.  Shitanya looked at him pointedly, remembering his previous attempt to help her.  "What?  Bows are tricky!" he replied, as they collectively swayed in the tree.

The guardsman shot again, missing not-quite-as-horribly as Manbearpig, but still quite woefully.  And Shitsmear tackled Tribby to the ground.  "Gonna rape the everlivin' out of you now!" he bellowed as a rock whizzed by his head.

Jay El frowned, and Ash comforted him "hey, at least you didn't hit Tribby."  Jay El brightened.  There was that, at least.  Ash smiled, seeing that he'd comforted the lad, and spear-flea-jumped his way off the tree to land neatly beside the smoking sack and the sexually frustrated ogre attached to it.  Ash poked him.

Not liking being on the receiving end of an unwanted intrusion, the Ogre stumbled to his feet and saw that this was actually an ambush.  "Uh oh." he managed to say, before getting gang-beat by the group.

The other guardsman in their towers all rang their alarm, again, noticing the distinct difference between a harmless, innocent raping and an ambush.

The party took off like crazy.  Skuzz laughing like crazy the whole time.

How could you best encourage a blogger to blog?


  1. hehehehe - "She's getting away! Shoot her in the leg so the poor, sexually frustrated Ogre can finish!"

  2. hahaha, nice going Manbear!


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