Oct 7, 2010


Perhaps it was the time he'd spent in a very sensory deprived environment, or the starvation, or the dehydration, or, maybe he was just plain rusty... but Kip, whose friends and colleagues would call him impossibly good at what he did, heard a click.

Now, the click is a noise that doesn't often instill terror.  Oh sure, some of us are camera shy, or might be concerned if we sat on a pair of glasses... but, none of these sources of a click would really cause the look of utter terror on Kip's face.

It was the click of a pressure plate.  Pressure plates meant traps.  Clicking... meant the trap was now active.  Furthermore, his reflexes were slow enough, his timing off-enough, that he knew... he knew he wouldn't get out in time.

Kip closed his eyes and whispered to himself.  He didn't even know if his wife was still alive...  Was he about to join her, or, was he about to leave her?

His entire body moved, and then, didn't.  He opened his eyes... not dead, but very, very securely held.  "Holy shit." he breathed a sigh of relief.  "I haven't seen a glue trap since I was a wee lad in the thieves guild...  I'm alive!"  He paused "sticky... but alive!"

The group had to smile at the furry little fellow.  Prying the glue off of him wasn't going to be painless, but, as he said, he was alive.

They grabbed their swords and began to saw him out.  "Honestly, this nevah 'appens t'me y'know?  1/20 chahnce I assure ye" they all kind of chuckled and teased him as they sawed him out.  The group was in fairly good spirits.  They'd evaded the guards, and, it seemed they were on some kind of important person's personal escape route... someone who they wouldn't chance using real traps against, but would use something intended to slow down pursuers .  Perhaps a public official, or even the king himself!

Manbearpig shuddered for a second.  Was he getting sick?  He shook his head.  He had to stay strong, for the group.  Like it or not, he was the leader of this band of escapees, and he was leading the escape.  He had to be strong.  For them.

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