May 2, 2010

Its Funzies Time!

"I'm gonna go grab me a club-branch" Tribby prompted, while the others discussed dust-collection ethics.

"Okay, what about a magic dust buster?  Y'know, we enchant something, put a teleport spell on it, it sucks up the dust..."
"Right... right, there's the dirt..."
"Yeah, right.  Well, we could sift it."
"We could, yeah."
"...might be hard."
"Yeah...  like, imagine... sifting out an old native american tribe's skin cells from say, dust and dirt."
"We've discussed just killing them, right?"
"What if we went to see the Kobolds?"
"To.... ask them about stuff."
"You just want to kill a crapload of kobolds."
"Okay, fine, yeah.  But... its hard to jump and poke in caves.  They'd have an advantage!"

(and so it went)

IiiiiIiiIIiiiiiits Funzies time!

The fairies grab onto Tribby's fur and pull her towards the party, some others grab the rest and get them to join.

There's a huge glowing orb in the center of the camp that emits neat holographic lights, and the adults all pass out the smokeweed and jars of funnyjam (to which everyone flocks to like they are insanely attracted to it beyond reason) while the kids play in the light and zap each other with purposefully weakened magic arrows.

The party is invited to join in, and everyone has lots of fun, and chases the little tickely arrow shooting tykes.

Tribby pretends to partake of the party's more illicit wares.  Everyone else is fairly sociable and gets moderately wasted.  Shitanya gets absolutely messed up and poops & barfs all over herself.

The party overhears many tails of some "bad fairies"

(There are 10 criminal faeries that have been exiled)

The next morning...
How could you best encourage a blogger to blog?

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