May 26, 2010

Fury 3

Abatu appeared and looked about him.  "Too late."

Jay El grimaced, seeing two of the Kobold's riding dogs fighting over a screaming fairy and tearing it in two.

He knew there was no way for him to save all the fairies.  Even half would be a miracle.  The damage had been done.  "What can we do." He stated, knowing the answer.

Abatu paused and looked at who Jay El was becoming.  "No, Jay El.  You need not become the bezerker this day.  While violence may indeed be the answer forthcoming, now is the time for healing."

Jay El started, about to snap something at Abatu, and then paused, and looked down.  "You're right.  Can you help me save them?"

"Not all of them, no.  Some are too far gone.  I must warn you:  The more I help you, the less you become someone who I would wish to help.  Do you understand that which you are sacrificing?  Who you are to become if this power is misused?"

Jay El gave one last sigh, and conjured up the memory of his daughter's first steps, and a happy memory he often used to sooth himself when remembering why he was on this quest to begin with, when she and he had had a nice moment on a small swing set, and he'd been pushing her lovingly while the wind was blowing through his wife's hair.  The way she'd looked at him, mixed with the sound of his daughter's laughter...  Jay El clenched his teeth as a tear came down his cheek.  "Just do it." he whispered.

The memory was gone.  It had never happened, and he didn't even really understand what he'd lost.  

But he still felt the void nonetheless.  

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