May 19, 2010



You may have heard of people purchasing their WoW accts a while back?  Well, now it is possible to buy D3 accounts!

I gotta say, this game looks pretty cool.  Blizzard rarely (if ever?) disappoints.  Their multiple custom classes will make for some new and exciting gameplay (plus hey, new systems, better graphics, all that jazz)

I'm not sure exactly where they'll go with D3, but, leave it to Blizzard to make a great idea even better.

Details are still sketchy as to when the accounts will be available for purchase (one would presume shortly after the game's official release) - a popular account-selling site still has "coming soon" in its main selling page for D3, so... we shall see!

Personally, the idea that someone came up with, that they could be really good at a video game, and put up a sign saying "D3 accounts for sale" and be able to sell their "work" is just brilliant.

Where were you chumps when I was a kid, eh?  Ah, but how like a grumpy old man to blame the youth for the treasure which erupts form having new and innovative ideas.

Good for you, lads.  Keep on innovating and living off your dreams and passions!
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