May 20, 2010

Poonose The Terrible

Jay El watched as the 700 pound Ogre smashed the 600 pound Ogre into oblivion with one shot.  Watched as his companion crumpled to the ground in a pile of splintered bone and torn muscle tissue.

"Oh shit." he summarized.

"ooooh shit, oh shit, ooooh shit!" He continued.

Ash launched at the Ogre in an effort to draw his fire.  Gluestick reared up in fear, but Manbearpig's ability as a rider proved more powerful than Gluestick's need to GTFO.  Shitanya, seeing her moment, took a deep breath and swore a mighty shit, and launched herself at the Ogre, missing often, and doing only superficial damage.

Manbearpig quickly summoned a crocodile, hoping it would drag the ogre the fuck away, and into the water where he would stop hitting people with his tree.  The crock valiantly took a quick bite from the foul-tasting ogre, but, the behemoth easily shook the creature off his leg without even turning around.

The enraged Poonose, turned to see the swearing half dragon, and pounded her like a fencepost once, twice... three times was not necessary for this lady.  Her crumbled body fell to the ground, seemingly lifeless.

Jay El was about to yell some more explitives, but, then saw what Poonose'd done to Shitanya, and opted to summon a big bee instead.  "Maybe he's allergic!" he thought to himself.

Ash stabbed into the Ogre with a fearsome thrust, sinking his spear deep into his upper thigh.  Poonose whirled and smashed at Ash, his ears ringing from the impact.  Manbearpig summoned another crocodile, whispering "sick 'em!" so as not to draw too much attention to himself.

Jay El sent out his healing magic to Tribby, watching as her bones receded back into her flesh, which healed back over top of the gruesome wounds.  Her skull reformed, and her ribs gradually distended back to their proper place, and she opened her eyes.

Ash stepped back, and drank a potion of enlarge person - and grew to face this menace.

Tribby blinked.  She was alive!  She was conscious, and not a liquid!  She backed away from the enraged Poonose in terror.  The creature was still really really pissed off.

The Bee stung Poonose in the neck, and he immediately swelled up from the toxins, as they went into his bloodstream.  He visibly slowed, but continued his assault, smashing the crocodiles into oblivion.  Manbearpig avoided eye contact as if to say "I didn't make those crocodiles, it was the cleric"

Manbearpig launched handfulls of fire, the much larger Ash stabbed, Tribby evoked her magic missiles, and Jay El doomed the Ogre with an evil, degenerative spell.

Poonose whirled, seeing the source of his rage and ran towards her.  Ash attempted to seize this opportunity, but missed in the commotion; Tribby saw him coming, and landed a single, thunderous blow to his noggin.

"Leave...  Skuh... skid...maaark...... ah...alooo..nnnne..." he cried, as he succumbed to his wounds, gripping Tribby's fur in a failed attempt to take her with him.

Manbearpig attempted to shoot him with an arrow and missed.  "Dang."
(They looted his corpse)

[+1 hide armor, +1 greatclub, ring of protection +1]

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