May 19, 2010


The world went red.

Skidmark seemed to scream in protest as the horrible Ogre woman smashed it senselessly with her club.  This was the kind of shit Poonose had left the Ogres for in the first place.  The senseless violence, the wanton destruction.

Poonose forgot his anger management tapes.

He forgot his meditations.

He forgot that he was one with nature.
He forget serenity now.

HE FORGOT, and went into a full-on Wilson-is-just-a-volleyball-but-its-been-my-only-companion-for-so-long-that-I-think-it-talks-to-me-and-I-will-so-totally-kill-you-for-hitting-it-with-your-club RAGE.

He released himself, and allowed himself to do what his species was born to do.

Poonose smashed.

Tribby's head caved in, and she went down like a huge, smelly sack of potatoes, her ribs breaking and imploding under the impact to her skull, as her spine fractured and her left shinbone cracked under the sudden strain.


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