May 27, 2010

Fury 4

The deal was made, and the power was Jay El's to fix this as best he was able.  He ran from corpse to corpse, saving all that he could.  Some were nothing more than dismembered body parts, but, those who still clung to life he was able to stabilize and mend.

Ash and Shitanya took a different approach, and hunted down and slaughtered as many of the Kobolds as they could find, screaming and yelling in frustration as they did so.  Reveling in the violence.  Making their deaths as painful as possible.

Jay El worked long and exhaustively into the night, healing as many as he could.  Gradually, he became aware of Petal's hateful stare.  Jay El knew he could not save her Mother - and felt the guilt like a knife to his heart.  Still, he pressed on, his knees buckling from time to time as exhaustion took him.  Still, he pressed on.

As the sun rose into the sky, Ash and Shitanya staggered back into town, their blood lust momentarily quenched through mutual exhaustion - though the fire they had in their eyes suggested that they'd simply run out of targets, rather than desire.

Jay El finally looked around him.  It seemed he'd done all that he could.  Abatu had granted him the power to save hundreds of lives.  It wasn't enough, but, it was something.

"You." came the angry, accusatory tone.

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