May 25, 2010

Fury 2

The group amassed itself in a horizontal line of fury, and, after casting a myriad of spells upon itself, launched into the village.

What met their eyes and assaulted every sense they had would not leave their nightmares for many years to come.

The beautiful fairy paradise had been turned into a fiery war zone filled with pain and suffering.

Smoking and on fire, the ground itself was littered with the dead and the dying fairies; Many of them children.

Jay El's eyes teared up as he saw the small precocious one who'd brought him the boot when he'd organized a scavenger hunt.  The majority of her skin was burnt black.  Death would be a release for her and Jay El knew it.

As his senses reeled, he realized that the majority of them were badly burned, and those that were alive, were in anguish.  Either screaming from terror, from pain, or from loss.

Possibly the most impotently frustrating aspect of the situation was how far along it all was.  This war was over.  Those kobolds that remained were simply stragglers who were looting or grabbing a last minute handful of screaming snacks for the road, or prisoners for future delights.

The party was met with another challenge.  How best to charge these invaders without accidentally stepping upon the littered fallen?

Solving the situation as best they could, the group summoned Hippogryphs, and mounted them for aerial combat.  Flying down upon the remaining Kobolds and swiftly dispatching them as they retreated.

Bliznark, their old guide yelled to the group that they'd had a deal - that he was supposed to be allowed to eat as many as he wanted.  They slaughtered him like the rest.  His blood splattering upon the body of Petal, who was silently holding the remains of her dead mother in her arms.

Jay El's heart sank the lowest of the group.  This home away from home that he had so loved.  The innocence of the fairies which had so reminded him of his own daughter.  The simple sanctity which had been so horribly violated.

He gritted his teeth and spoke the name.  "Abatu."

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