May 5, 2010

The safest way

Petal draws up a very accurate kid-drawing-map (basically a big circle, a line, and a stick drawing of a fairy) "See, dis is us"
"Okay..." Jay El squinted
"And dis is dem."
"Right right..."
"And den dis is a safeplace route - you goes in dis way and its super safzies, very safezies, no scarybites, only birdies sometimes. You go, yes? Gives some shinies to poonose, he likes the reds ones best."

Ash frowned "You said that already, damn it, I am really not killing a damn thing right now, y'know that?  I mean, sure, there's parasites living on human skin in a constant state of dying and growth... then there's my liver cells, a few billion die every second, while a few billion more are created... but that's just not the same as jumping and stabbing something with a spear, y'know?"

The party looked awkwardly over at Ash, then looked back at Jay El, who clearly was the most proficient at communicating with the equivalent-of-4-year-olds.

"So its kind of a straight line?"
"Ya, except for dis bit here, it goes all loopty loop, because there's sum thorny bushes and you could hurtsies your hands if you touch dem so you go uuup and arooound and then throooough, and then you go straitsies some more."
"Thorn bushes.  Like, just regular... thorn bushes?  Not like... a big... self aware giant topiary creature or something?  Okay, that sounds doable..."

The party made their way to Poonose.

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