May 7, 2010

Big Bad Bulette named Beatrice

The huge, armored creature snorted and leapt into the air, far more agilely then its frame would indicate possible,  and brought down all four of its claws into Tribby's chest and stomach.  Tribby winced from the pain and staggered backwards from the impact, feeling the rush of panic induced adrenaline - the pain cleared, and she realized that she wasn't dead.  Her new Ogre body had saved her from what would have otherwise been a fatal blow!  She roared a challenge!

Manbearpig, galloping upon Gluestick, sprang into action and flanked the creature, firing off an arrow, which glanced harmlessly off of its hide.  Ash launched himself at the creature, his spear sparking and failing to find purchase as his body screamed down from the heavens, until, miraculously, it found purchase between one of the creature's plates and sunk into the flesh below.

The single minded creature bellowed and shoved him aside, renewing its attack upon Tribby, as Jay El attempted to take hold of the creature's mind "HEEEEL!" he screamed.  Shitanya looked to the heavens, and called upon her holy power of being really pissed off.  "sssssssHhhhHHHHHIIIIIIIIT!" she screamed, launching herself and flying into a dragon-blooded barbarian rage.  The beast met her head on, her claws bouncing off the armor harmlessly, "shit, shit!" but her powerful bite sinking in and crunching through the scales.  The beast roared at the nuisance, and angled its head slightly to deflect Tribby's huge club, which bounced harmlessly off the creature's huge, thick skull.

The Bulette opened its huge mouth, and the acrid stench of those who'd fallen prey to it before assaulted Tribby's newfound sense of smell, distracting her enough so that the creature's bite landed solidly into her midsection.  She screamed in pain, as she felt its maw sink deep into her stomach, tearing into her internal organs.

"HEEEEEL!" Jay El screamed to no avail, as Shitanya and ash continued to thrash and stab at the armored creature.  Manbearpig attempted a different approach, and launched a huge, rolling ball of fire at the rear flank of the creature.

The beast snorted and was momentarily distracted by the fire, allowing Tribby's greatclub to land with devastating impact which would have smeared to paste many a creature.  She felt her club crack under the impact of the blow, and saw the bulette's head visibly shift from the impact, as it let out an injured snort of pain and frustration.

The wounded creature raised its mouth to bite Tribby a third time, though successful, it was clearly weakening from the onslaught.  Manbearpig launched handfuls of fire at the creature, while his sphere of fire continued to burn the creature's back - Shitanya screamed in draconic rage and Ash thrust his spear mightily into the beast.

Tribby gathered her strength.  It was her, or it, in this last attack, and both she, and the creature knew this.  The huge behemoth realized it would not be able to dodge the attack and made peace with whatever gods it may have worshiped, and fell to the ground, as Tribby's thunderous blow echoed off of its skull.

Tribby fell to the ground, clutching at her insides, as the rest of the party ensured that the creature would not rear up like a bad horror movie villain, and eventually, Jay El healed her of her wounds, and consoled her on just how close to death she had come.

Tribby stood up and observed the mighty fallen creature.  "I could totally wear that."

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