May 6, 2010

Hey... do you hear that nothing?

Tribby's ears twitched.  "Y'know what?  Its quiet.  Too quiet."

"WHAT!?" The half-deaf Ash replied.

"I mean... since becoming an Ogre, I've gained remarkable hearing... and... I don't really hear anything except the sounds of us walking, some wind in the trees... that's it."

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN?" Ash queried.

"I mean, no squirrels, no deer... nothing."


"We should be on our guard... it may be that there's a predator of the skies that's eaten them all.  We were warned, you'll recall, about some of the flying..."

The ground suddenly shook and rolled.  "Oh dang it!"

The ground then burst open to reveal a terrible, armor-plated, bullet-shaped creature with a huge snapping maw and short, powerful legs.

Manbearpig had heard legends of this terrible beast.  It was known as a Bulette - and it was baaaad news.

How could you best encourage a blogger to blog?

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