May 18, 2010

The drug deal for the kids goes horribly wrong

Poonose comes out "What you want!?"

"(Or we could do that.  That would work, too.)" came the collective group's muttering.

"We're friends of the fairies, we wanna buy some drugs!"

"Okay, Poonose coming." -- the phrase illicited a horrid mental picture for the group, as he rowed out to meet them in his rather huge, clearly homemade rowboat.  The name "Skidmark" lovingly... painted, let's say, on the side.

"What you want?" Poonose's repeated query came, succinctly.

"Well, we were hoping you might tell us how to make Smokeweed or Funnyjam." They smiled.

Poonose chuckled "That Poonose's trade secret.  Sorry."

The group whispered to each other about killing the rather large-eared creature.  "Yeah, we could totally just kill him and take it, right?  Yeah, no we could - uh huh, what about if you light his house on fire to distract him?  Yeah, we could..."

Tribby decided to smash Skidmark, the lovingly crafted boat that had taken Poonose months of sanding, polishing and carving, with her club, in an effort to make a point.

She succeeded.
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