Apr 16, 2010

Session 1 - Ah newbs... How fresh they smell...

Welcome to the Smell of noobs!

All the posts aren't this long, nor are they this incoherent.
You'll note on your right, there is a list of chapters...

In the beginning, things were juuuust getting going... and there was much learning on both ends ;-D

Our tale begins as four unlikely companions begin their individual tales of adventure. Some, for money, some for fame, some, for friendship, and some simply to return home the man they once were.

All would find a purpose and a synergy with each other that would greatly outweigh their individual abilities, and needs.


Our party, all from distant lands, with reasons of their own, have ended up in the town of Roe. All have had miniature adventures, from being shunned socially, to being disappointed in the level of challenge brought fourth, to...  well, in the case of Jay El, to being tied to a horse because you're bat shit crazy and evil due to a curse put upon you by a cursed blade.  Then, there was Manbearpig, whose basic reasons for travelling included having to put up with your best friend turning bat shit evil and crazy and having to tie him to a horse.

Jay El, the former captain of the guard of Jay Elville and both beloved husband and doting Father, has been burdened with a curse no one man should have ever had to endure.

Burning with sickness, madness, and an evil that could only be described as infernal... well, it couldn't only be described as infernal... but, that's a pretty good description of it, anyway. Okay, so, he's pretty evil, and his friend, burdened with his own (admittedly socially awkward, but not as bad as the whole demon/infernal thing) curse of suck-ass nameage, Manbearpig, who has taken it upon himself to be Jay-El's protector.

It is to Roe they have been headed all this time, in search of Gustoff; the main reason being that he's the wisest Wizard Manbearpig has ever known, and his prices were good.


Meanwhile...  Ash, showing a lifetime of scars highlighting the many occurrences where shoot first (well, jump and stab first) ask questions later has been his motto, has found an unarmed, but from his perspective, clearly up to no good Orcish fellow. (and, by that, I mean, an Orc).

Desperately wanting to jump and kill something, Ash immediately springs into battle, and all but liquefies the unfortunate first combatant of the Dragoon. In fact, if one were a skeptical person, one almost might think that the Gods had placed this unfortunate sap in front of Ash in order to figure out what kinda stuff he could do, and how well he could do it. Or, maybe the Gods were still trying to figure out things like gravity and physics, and felt it best to test it on the more sturdy of folk in an isolated un-story-creating event.

Ah, but Gods are far from perfect. Just as the lightest touch of a butterfly wing can cause disasters across the globe, so to, apparently, can a random encounter lay waste to an entire city of Orcs two days march away. But, we're getting ahead of ourselves...


  1. It would be better if things were slightly easier to understand. But otherwise, it is entertaining.

  2. Thanks B. I admit, the first few chapters weren't written for the blog. Writing gets a little more expository later on :)


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