Apr 16, 2010

+1 Member! Introducing... Shitanya!

Session 2: Well Rip off My Dick and Shit in my Mouth, something went wrong.

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Shitanya's Backstory
Shitanya, after her horrific childhood experience, chose the peace and solitude of Monkery... Monkhood? And through it, discovered a passion for Law, and Good. Since that time, she's been staying with the Halflings. They are jovial and somewhat laid back, and they inspire her towards a greater, simpler world.

Two days ago, a elven ranger staggered in to the halfing village of Kippy, and, after being nursed back to health, reported to the halflings that, for the first time, both the Bugbears and the Ogres are preparing for war at the same time, and both are headed north.

Before this, the Orcs have been a nice buffer for Roe and Kippy against both tribes, as all three have warred against each other. In fact, both Kippy and Roe have occasionally supplied arms to the Orcs to keep everything copacetic. They want war, we want peace, everyone wins.

But the result of this upcoming war will very likely take out the Orcs, and thus both Roe and Kippy's "buffer" against the larger tribes.

As a result, they are in need of a fast rider (who is comfortable leaving Kippy) to take the urgent message of warning to the Orcs, as well as a promise of support from Roe (and to take the message to Roe).

They summon a magic steed for her, give her 2 "cure minor wounds" potions and she was off, with her MESSAGE OF IMPENDING DOOM.

(now then, back to the story)
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