Sep 25, 2010

The Many Faces of Tribby

Tribby and Jay El Engaged the king's door-guards like a well oiled mutant pro-wrestler with knives for knees and raptors for wrists.

And, as Tribby launched herself at the armored ruffians, she had a brief moment of nostalgia.

Perhaps it was the stampede she'd help cause, or the blood stains upon her naked body, or maybe it was just the simple act of running, but, for a brief moment, she recalled the many revisions she'd done to her psyche.

There had been a time where she'd been Rhapsody the orphan, Rhapsody the somewhat ethically confused failed thief of the elderly, and Tribby, the flippantly genocidal half-elf.

Then, she'd died and been reincarnated.

That'd been particularly... shaping of her personality.  She'd undergone some distinct methodology revamps after dying and being reborn in the body of a rather humongous, rather smelly Ogre.

Granted, even in the body of an Ogre, she still found a way to get raped a second time.  And sure, she sometimes acted impulsively when it came to initiating battles with the innocent.

And yes, there was a brief period where she was travel size.

All and all, she'd really gone through some changes.

As she adjusted her sleeping Dragoon nestled snugly in her snuggly, she smiled.

It was a good life, this.

Tribby glanced at Jay El and wondered if he ever reminisced like that in the middle of a battle.  Probably not, she smiled, and let out her thunderous battle cry.

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