Sep 30, 2010

What's the Kobold equivalent of Wilbur? Ksst-Klky?

"HeyKiphow'sitgoing!" Manbearpig yelped, running by Kip's cell and not waiting for a response.

"Well, behind me is burnt Kobolds and some kind of zoo, so..." He rounded the corner and shone his light upon the rather hillbilly-esque Kobold guards, who were sitting at their guard post, guarding in a somewhat guarded way, whittling, or, perhaps, picking, at their teeth with a miscellaneous bone.

While Manbearpig did not speak Kobold, he surmised that, if he had, he would have heard something to the effect of "Hey!" when they saw him.

"Whoop!  Back I go!" He skidded, pinwheeled and ran, making a mental note that, in that brief moment, he'd noticed that they'd been armed with a whip, and some sort of mace.

Seconds later, the rhythmic donking of some kind of bone drum, followed.  The bony alarm was not going to help things...  "HeyKipImworkingongettingyoufreeholdon!" He mentioned, as he ran by again, and hid in his cell; his cell door still ajar.

Suddenly, he had a flashback.  Jay El was laughing at him, giving him the simplest of riddles...  They were about 6 years old, each missing a few teeth, and having hair worthy of a Calvin and Hobbes comic book.

"Hey Boycubpiglet, when is a door, not a door?" Jay El laughed, after explaining to Boycubpiglet what a door and a jar were.

"Ummmm...." He'd ummed, doing his best to stall...

"They're circling around!" Came Kip's warning.  The flashback'ed have to wait.

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  1. James: Hahaha, Sean is re-named! Boycubpiglet!


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