Sep 1, 2010

Dark rationalizations

There were fourteen well skilled, stronger Kobolds, who had thrown the volley.  And, seeing as their aim had seemed true, and their strength able to pierce even her tough hide, he felt it was time to attack with a newfound resolve in his abilities.

Seeing the Kobolds brought fourth a murderous rage within him, and he used it to summon a horrible scorpion from the ether.  It immediately grabbed one of the dirty scaled rodents in its claws and squeezed it until juices came out of its ears.  Jay El smiled.  

Ash contented himself with jumping and stabbing the Kobolds in a far more professional manner.  He saw no joy in these particular Kobold's execution.  Moreso, he felt a longing for more worthy an opponent to sink his spear into.  While he did feel a moral obligation to help the fairies, he also felt that he could be wasting his time upon such a trivial quest.  If these were the best the Kobolds could throw at him, it was going to be a long night for the Dragoon.

Tribby, freshly healed by Jay El's spell, launched an arc of fire into the midst of those who had sought to slay her only moments before.  She loved using her magic in such a way, though she found her new frame clumsy, and more apt at smashing than casting, she still felt a certain kinship with the ways of magic.  She smiled and launched another volley into the crowd, as Ash continued to spring from opponent to opponent, and Jay El continued to use his God's magics for the benefit of the party and to the detriment of their enemies.

A door to the side burst open, and in swarmed more Kobolds.  These smaller, less threatening Kobolds would still overwhelm the party if their source was not staunched.

Thinking quickly, Ash shoved his "Enlarge Person" potion into Tribby's gargantuan mouth, and yelled for her to cover the door with her swelling mass.  As Tribby had already been stooped to accommodate the Koboldian quarters, this further enlargement slowed her to a crawl.

Having said that, she had huge, monstrous arms, and a gigantic, hard to circumnavigate butt with which she used to shield the rest of the party from the oncoming swarm.

The party fought on.  Jay El's scorpion provided much needed crowd control, while Jay El busied himself with all forms of enhancement to aid the party, and even the occasional macing when the magic wells ran dry.  Ash stabbed all who crossed him, and chased after those who didn't, and Tribby used her gigantic body to shield the party as well as to attack all who entered her gargantuan reach.

After a time, the swarm abated, and all was calm.

Nearly immediately, Jay El felt a sense of sadness and loss overcome him.  Where had the joy of victory gone?  Now it seemed, he simply needed his next fix.

For now, he would content himself to searching the room for treasure.  For what he needed it for, he could not say.  But deep within his soul, a part of him hoped that he would be able somehow to purchase that which he didn't even know he had lost, yet still felt a longing for nonetheless.

30 daylight rocks
500 morning stars
25 leather armors
1000 slings, 100 spears
200 short bows
200 bucklers

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