Sep 21, 2010

Step 1: Escape chains, step 2 engage guards in conversation. no wait, wrong order!

Shitanya swayed back and fourth, testing the flex of the chains.  She flexed her arms, but there seemed to be little give to her bonds.  It didn't make her angry, per se, to be imprisoned.  It certainly didn't enrage her in a barbarous fashion by any extent.  But, it was really inconvenient.

She decided she would blast the chains with her super-breath, and, thankful for her draconic Father's tendency towards icy over hot, she froze, and made brittle her bonds, and broke them in a single flex of her mighty arms.

"FREE!" She yelled.  Now, she would see the sites, she would taste the foods of freedom!  She would fly through the sky and soar like a majestic crowdvark, the armored bird which had long symbolized freedom to her people.

"Seize her!" Yelled the Auctioneer to his Fairy folk, who swarmed towards her.

Shitanya laughed.  "What can you bugs possibly do to one as majestic as myself!?"  She stood her ground, and dared them to attack.  "By the way, do any of you know Petal?"

They zapped her with a sleep spell.

"Ooooh riiiight..." she drawled, falling to the floor "I fergot they could dooo....thaaat..." she fell asleep.

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