Sep 12, 2010


The auctioneer, as she'd come to think of him, was still praising Shitanya's various assets.  Including things like razor sharp talons, superhuman strength, the possibility of other, draconic racial abilities, and a fairly decent rack.

Shitanya smiled to herself.  Her head was still fuzzy, but she knew one way to at least lower her potential selling price.

Thankful for the somewhat spoiled mushrooms she'd had earlier for lunch, Shitanya bore down, and crapped herself a mighty dump.

A few of the patrons on the screen recoiled in disgust and their screens went black - others leaned in more interested than ever, while some seemed not to notice.  The auctioneer glanced at her, but didn't miss a beat in his sales pitch.  "regular excreting means a healthy digestive system, and she's clearly not shy..."

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