Sep 14, 2010

Seriously, a glowing wang would have been awesome.

Manbearpig blinked.  Had he passed out?  He wasn't sure.  The darkness was maddening and he was unsure if he'd slept, or simply gotten bored.

In a spark of realization, he realized, quite realizingly, that his twig was present.

This, was rather important.  While not many people knew this, the majority of Manbearpig's druidic powers came from his ability to focus his energies through this, rather remarkable twig.

"All right!  Twiggy, we're gettin' outta here!" he smiled, and cast light upon the floor tile that his foot was resting upon.  Thinking it best, he used a dim light to start, and then gradually increased it.

The sounds of anger and sorrow to which he'd become somewhat accustomed, suddenly stopped within his immediate vicinity.  No doubt the light was a novelty capable of vanquishing even the deepest feelings of darkness within this tomb.

He was in a small, 6 feet by 6 feet-ish rocky, and relatively featureless room, with bars directly in front of him.  As he'd quite impressively freed one of his hands earlier, he was able to stretch and see that this was not an isolated description of his surroundings and that, indeed, there seemed to be many cells in both directions.

When nobody approached to question him about his light, he surmised that there were very likely no guards in the area.

"sweet." he mustered.  Casting a soften stone spell upon the wall which held his manacles, and the wall which held the bars themselves.

Easily wrenching his chain from the wall, he dragged it loudly over to the wall, and shoved the bars out from their now less-than-solid foundation.  "Neat spell." he smiled to himself.

He glanced left, and right.  "Shoot." he muttered.  The light he'd cast still remaining within his cell.  "I should have cast it upon my wang and then used my loincloth as a way to stop the light from being projected.  That would have been both hilarious and awesome.  Only a truly brilliant mind could have possibly come up with such a plan, but, instead, I will do something which requires me to hold onto something and have less hands free to fight with later."

Manbearpig paused.  The sudden solliloquy was unlike him.  It was as though an outside source were somehow protesting his actions and forcing him to do things to which he was uncomfortable.  But, it ended.  He cast the light spell upon a piece of the liquefied stone, and carried the magically phosphorescent mud with him, deciding on heading to the right.

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