Sep 7, 2010

For those of you attempting to follow along

Hi there.  I'm the DM.

So, for those of you attempting to follow along, you may have noticed that some battles seem outlandishly complicated, and then at other times, a simple knockout dart will take out a character for the course of an adventure.

The reasons behind this, outside of game, are that the players themselves have been unable to make it at one time or another.

So currently, Jay El is the only player to have escaped the coincidental knockout/ankle twist etc.  His thoughts and actions are his own, and only embellished by me at every turn.

This explains why, for no apparent reason, we are unable to heal someone, find someone, and also helps explain the likelyhood of simply forgetting to pick them up when they're left prone and helpless in a dungeon full of baddies.

So, when Tribby was tiny and asleep, Renee, her player, was gone.
When Shitanya was knocked out by Tribby's growth, this was Renee returning to the game, and Nicole being absent.  Ditto was Sean, Manbearpig's player, also gone for this game (thus the knockout dart, and the party's ability to forget the duo elsewhere in the dungeon.)
For this next game, Ash (played by AJ) is absent, and thus, I hope to have him bonk his head when he jumps, because the premise amuses me.  We shall see!

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