Apr 24, 2010

Well I'll be an Ogre's aunt, ain't you the spittin' image of Shitface.

The party made their way to the fairy village, where they were showered with the attention normally reserved for rock stars.

Perhaps it was their stature, perhaps it was the goblin blood, perhaps it was simply that they were unknown or weren't fairies.

Whatever the case, the children fairies especially adored the group, and even tolerated Shitanya and Ash.  And, once Shitanya disposed of the rotting meat, and cleaned herself of many a fecal deposit, she too was embraced amongst the tribe.

If one imagined the Ewoks as tiny bugs with wings, and the ability to form basic sentance structure, one would have a fairly accurate description of the celebration and welcoming that the party enjoyed.

Over the next few days, they showered the party in gifts, based on their favorite colors.  As the fairies tended towards liking shiny things, much of their gifts involved gems to those they liked, and pearls to those they tolerated.

(GREEN emerald necklace Emerald bracelet (1300g) for Jay El, (BLACK black pearl bracelet (500g)) for Ash, flowers for Manbearpig, a bath and perfumes (5g) for Shitanya and a new body (Free rather expensive spell) for Tribby)

"THANK YOU!" came the polite thanks from the huge, smelly ogre which had formerly been Tribby.  The fairies laughed their asses off at her new form.

Tribby looked down at her 10' 600lbs frame and smiled.  "COOL" she whispered to herself.  "I'M AN OGRE."
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