Sep 11, 2010

I mean, it's really, really dark.

Manbearpig grunted and wiggled.

He was definitely chained to a sharp, rocky wall.  And his ass was definitely sore from sitting on a rocky floor.  Definitely.

He pondered his predicament.

"I'm probably not blind." he mused.  "Very probable it's dark.  Kobolds don't need light to see... so... yeah.  Probably just dark."

He moaned loudly into the air.  "OOOOooOoooAAaaaaaaoOooOOoaaAAaagh!"

Nothing happened.  "Yep.  Dark, and noooobody cares."

He wiggled a bit and, quite miraculously, freed one of his hands from its chains.  "Sweet.  The odds of me being able to do that have to be at least one in twenty." he mused.  He was not, however, as lucky with his other hand.

"Maybe it was just loose..." he muttered to himself.

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