Sep 9, 2010

More Thongs

Shitanya blinked her eyes.  The light wasn't harsh, but, it was somewhat unexpected within a Kobold dungeon.  That was assuming of course, that she was still IN a Kobold dungeon.  Her mind was fuzzy, and she was having a hard time focusing.

"Where...?" she started, then, decided to refrain from speech until she'd finished surveying her new surroundings.

Before her was a huge, faceted, crystalline surface, reflected throughout were various faces, all of which seemed to be looking at her with various, appraisic expressions upon their faces.  She blushed as well as a scaled creature could, and glanced down at her nearly naked form.

What the hell had happened?  She grimaced.  Her hands were chained high above her head, and her head felt logy from a lack of oxygen.

To her right was a Kobold, which, was actually a little comforting, as it implied that she was more likely to be inside where she thought she was, at least.  The little fellow appeared to be singing Shitanya's various physical praises to the people upon the screen much like a peddler of wares might overemphasize the leather-like qualities of a sofa.

Shitanya blinked, but her eyes were not deceiving her.  Above, flew several fairies, all apparently blase about the apparent slave auction going on below them as they attended to whatever errands fairies with such disdain for morals might have.

"Hey!" she yelled.  There was no response by any of the lot, though the announcer did mention briefly that Shitanya's voice was no doubt under a certain amount of stress due to her recent ordeal and, with some lemon tea, she would very likely have a beautiful singing voice.

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