Sep 2, 2010

Ooooh THAT'S what we forgot...

Ash perused his surroundings as his comrades attempted to ascertain the best weight to gold ratio (as there clearly was no way they were going to be carrying all of the items they'd found)

"There seems to be a... ah, yes.  Here we are..." he mumbled as he uncovered a hidden panel.  Therein lay a rather remarkable robe, and dagger.

Tribby, sensing that they were magic, offered her services of identification, and it was surmised that they were the ROBE OF BONES and a +1 RETURNING DAGGER.

Desperately needing rest, the party contented themselves with the ambitious project of barricading the doors with the plethora of weaponry... and Tribby.

The party drifted off to sleep.  

Jay El dreampt of chasing after fragments of memories, and faceless women and children saying muted words in blurry surroundings.
Ash dreampt of plunging his spear through the rocky chest of a giant.
Tribby dreampt a rather remarkable dream involving two Ogres, and one cup.

They awoke.  Some tormented, some enthused, and some needing about 5 more minutes.

Jay El snapped his fingers.  "Oh crap.  We suck."

Tribby, still re-living her nocturnal dalliance, looked at him with dreamy eyes "hmmmm...?"

"We totally left Shitanya and Manbearpig alone... over night...  up in the storage locker!"

Hastily, they moved aside their barricade, and ran to the storage locker.  

Aside from the poisoned foodstuffs, and urine soaked bread, the room was empty.

"Well... crap." Jay El summarized.

"Meh." Ash offered, in condolences.  

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