Sep 17, 2010

What? YOU never burnt a Barbie?

Like a mischievous lad with a lighter and the decapitated head of their sister's favorite doll, Manbearpig flicked bits of light from his wad o' glowing mud into the hallways, creating a tiny, followable, glowing trail.

"'allo there" came a fairly chipper greeting.  Manbearpig peered into the cell, and saw a chained halfling.

Manbearpig paused and considered the potential ramifications of his actions and, after a moment, decided upon a course of action.  "Hi." he said.

"I tell ya, it's been a while since I've seen a light.  Many thanks indeed.  Granted, this place ain't the best site for sore eyes, but, honestly, I'd look at just about anything for entertainment at this point."

"How long have you been here?" Manbearpig continued.

"Oh... hard to say...  if I hadda guess, I'd say somewhere aroun' 3 months.  But time does seem t' drag when you're chained to a wall in the dark and unable to use your hands, if you catch my meaning."

Manbearpig caught his meaning, but dropped it.  "...What's your name?"

"Aren't we a formal fellow in the middle of a prison break then?  My name is Kip.  Pleased to meet your acquaintance."

Manbearpig noted his meaning "... any idea which way is out?"

"Well," the halfling attempted "I've seen the slave quarters, and a few other sections of the dungeon.  I could probably get us to the mid-levels, but I've never seen the top levels, or the rest of this area due to an inconvenient lack of consciousness during the times in which I passed them."

"Why were you put here?"

"Mostly on account of me not wanting to be a slave.  I did my best to start a revolt, but, well, our race isn't known for its ambitions nor its bravery, and... well, I ended up doin' most if my revolting revolt on me own."

"I see." Manbearpig concluded.  "Well, I'll see what I can do." and, with that, he continued on down the hallway, noting a female Goblin in a cell, who screamed at him something rather offensive in Goblin.  Manbearpig continued on down the hallway.  It seemed not all the prisoners were quite so upbeat.

"Sure, I love the dark.  Take your time..." came Kip's muted reply as the distance between then increased.

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