Sep 29, 2010

Undead are the red shirts of DND.

Ash snapped awake.  He was snuggled tightly to Tribby's rank body, and beside him were hissing undead, and Jay El, who seemed to be rather excited about something.  Hitching himself up a bit by his nuts, Ash peered over Tribby's shoulders.  Kobolds in plate mail.

Now was not the time to pry Tribby's back hair from his mouth.  "What do I do!?" He yelled at nobody in particular.  Jay El turned and smiled "Kill the Kobolds"

Ash Smiled.  "Can do."

Ash flipped off of Tribby's back, out of her snuggly, and drew his spear.  Tribby launched an arc of fire while Jay El commanded his undead to attack.  They did so... very poorly.  Larry's arm fell off, flew across the room and hit Ted in the head, knocking him over.

As Ash sailed over Tribby, and over the undead, he couldn't help but smile.  It was good to be conscious in an area with vaulted ceilings again.

Taking advantage of the undead's miss-steps, the Kobolds decimated two of the four, while Jay El landed upon one of the guards and speared him quite dead.

Tribby roared and smashed one of the undead into bony fragments.  "oops!" she yelled back at Jay El.  "Sorry!  Kobolds are short!"

Jay El winced and smiled.  "Oh...  it's okay!" he said, unconvincingly.

Ash ran and stabbed the remaining Kobold guard, which lurched and looked up at him in terror.

Ash paused.  "Seriously?  You take more than one hit?" he barked, wrenching his spear out from the Kobold's body and burying it deep within him again.  "That's better." he spat, as it shuddered and died.

Jay El smiled and clapped Ash on the shoulder.  "Good to have you back m'boy."

Tribby smashed him on the back as well "Yeah!"

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