Sep 13, 2010


The slaves clustered around Jay El, and asked how they could help.  While fragile and weak, they knew a partial layout of the dungeon - that is, areas where the slaves would frequent, and, upon Jay El's prompting, they collectively drew as detailed a map as they were able.

Jay El thanked them while Tribby, frustrated with having to constantly carry the seemingly increasingly clumsy party with which she surrounded herself, fashioned a rather amazingly intricate snuggly out of the leather armors from the Kobolds, and a few strings from her short bow collection.

Jay El noted the craftsmanship.  "Y'know, that's really, really good." he complimented.  Tribby did the ogre equivilant of blushing, which was basically just a slight bowel adjustment, and thanked him for the compliment.  "I know right?  The odds of me making something this nice out of this Kobold junk is probably.. jeeze, I dunno, like one in twenty or so?"

Jay El glanced at it again "Yeah, something like that, I'd say.  I like how you even have a little adjustable strap there, for his widdle arms..."

They laughed at how precious Ash looked, snuggled into Tribby's abundant back hair, before heading back out into the dungeon.

Following the crude map, they made their way first to the hatchery, which was a huge room filled with eggs, and a few nursemaids, and, after descending again, they found the living quarters.

The place was as huge as it was cacophonous.  Stealth clearly was not an issue, but rather, their method of approach, was.  Observing that the room was primarily filled with women and children Kobolds, their plan became a little easier to grasp.

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