Sep 4, 2010

Sticks & Stones

The party looked at each other.
They looked back at the giant rock creature.
The rock creature snorted.

Ash jumped away and attacked one of the Kobolds.

Jay El ran the other way, summoned up a short wind-wall to keep all the rest of the Kobolds and their projectiles out, and summoned a wolf to support Ash in his less-than-epic battle.

Tribby shot the rock creature point blank in the face with fire, while incinerating its holders in the process, leaving it completely free to act, with the motivation to do so.

"Yeah!  Go team!" Tribby yelled "We're all gonna... kick... your..."  Tribby trailed off.  "Were... we... were we not attacking the big..."

The giant rock creature smashed her with huge, thunderous strikes, sending her flying against the wall.  "oh" she stammered, shakily "o-kay then, we...we're jus' gonna figh... soup?" she shook her head and, noting the creature was understandably fixated upon her, took off in a dead run yelling "healmehealmehealme!"

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