Sep 22, 2010

Nyuck Nyuck Nyuck

It was highly likely that those below the living quarters had heard the mass panic that Jay El, his undead, his slave-friends, and the giant ogre with a club and a Dragoon in a snuggly had made.

In fact, it was a wonder it hadn't woken widdle Ash fwom his nappy time, Jay El thought, oddly in a patronizingly baby-talk-ish inner monologue.

They cared not.  The Kobolds had proven to be of little resistance thus far, and now they had a small army of badly armed slaves and a few skeletons at their beck and call.  Nothing could possibly get in their way.

...actually, yeah.  Nothing did.  A few Kobolds attempted to fight them, but, did very, VERY poorly.

Like a scene out of a three stooges Halloween special, the undead swarmed upon the Kobolds, as did Tribby, Jay El, and his pet bee.  Everyone missed everyone for several rounds.

Eventually, Moe, the Skeleton dropped his arm by accident.  One would assume this would give a tactical advantage to his enemies, but they too, were just as clumsy, and tripped over the arm, accidentally tossing their weapon into the air and hitting another Kobold, who tripped, and pushed another Kobold into the bee's stinger.

(Basically everyone rolled ones repeatedly and the resulting battle was comedic to say the least.)

Eventually, odds prevailed and the Skeletons began to break the curse, then the bee, until finally, Tribby got her first successful cleave in, and, Jay El finished the battle up with a few thwacks and suggestions to his undead Trio.

At some point Jay El had tossed his knife to the slaves, who had freed each other, and now there were even greater ranks.

Jay El told them to arm themselves and meet them up at the king's place, but they weren't going to wait for them.  Time was running out on one of his spells, and he wanted to kick some ass.

He bounded up the stairs, and reminded Larry to stop killing things and they all went together towards the Kobold King's chambers.

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