Sep 28, 2010

Bowling for Kobolds

Manbearpig, cursing and clutching at his bleeding socket, ran up the stairs in a zig zagging pattern, bouncing his shoulder painfully off the wall.  This would not due at all.  He had no weapons, no clothes, and nearly no eyes.

Thankful for the spirits of nature with which he had prepared himself in the dank corners of his cell, and, of course, for twiggy, he conjured up the fearsome ball of fire from the air around him.  Nearly instantaneously, the huge sphere of burning doom was at the top of the stairs, rolling down into the guards that were clanking up the stairs after him, presumably having had dispatched Manbearpig's crocodile already.

Manbearpig didn't even wait to hear their screams, though a part of him (likely the part of him oozing vitreous humor, blood and tears) surely wanted to.  In an all out sprint, Manbearpig careened around the corner, yelling at Gimely as he ran by.  "I'll get you outta here!"

"Ach!  Sounds geewd lad!" came his echoing reply, somewhat audioably overburdened by the sudden screams of the Kobolds which had no doubt encountered a large, fiery sphere, and his own, echoing footsteps, panicked breathing, and the pounding within his own skull.

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